Extra Grace Required

Last night, I returned from  a Christian Writer’s Conference which was an incredible experience that filled my heart, mind and soul. Walking in, I was a nervous novice who knew no one and barely considered myself a writer in comparison to those around me.

My nerves soon began to morph very quickly into a sense of direction and excitement; I was confident in this journey and strived to learn as much as I possibly could.

I met with an author, blogger, mom of four for one of my fifteen minute sessions because I wanted to know how she does it all. She clearly understands the chaos of every day life and is successful. I wanted her expertise. In a moment of clouded judgement, I sat down and simply said, “I want to be you.” What a great first impression, right? Thankfully, she laughed and we had great conversation where I learned, quite possibly, the most poignant message of the whole conference.

She doesn’t do it all nor reaches for that impossible goal. She gives herself extra grace and lives in the understanding that some days she’ll be great at being a mom and mediocre as a writer; other days she’ll be mediocre as a mom and killing it as a writer. That’s life and that’s why extra grace is required.

In all facets of life – motherhood, profession or passion – we forget to give ourselves extra grace. God’s grace is sufficient to cover us! It covers our sin, our shortcomings and our failures; His grace is enough and we need to remember that.

So, as I amble on in this journey to be a mom and a writer, there may be extra grace required, but have no fear, God has enough to cover me!

4 Comments on “Extra Grace Required

  1. Girl, you are such a blessing to me as well. I’m SO PROUD of you for taking this big first step and owning the title of writer mama. Cannot wait to see where this journey takes you.


  2. “I want to be you.” There is no greater compliment you could have given her. Your writing communicates spiritual truth so well. Keep up the good work.


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