Blessings in Disguise

This post is a part of  Word of the day: Blessing  Blessing is such an appropriate topic for me this week. I'm celebrating two of the biggest blessings in my life.  My children are adopted and we celebrate their Adopt-a-versary each year on the day they were "official". This week, we celebrate two of … Continue reading Blessings in Disguise

Today Is a Day Worth Celebrating

We celebrate a lot in our house. With four children, there’s always a birthday right around the corner, but on top of those, we’ve been known to celebrate potty success, OT goals being met and our favorite, Adopt-a-versaries. Adopt-a-versary is a word I created to recognize the anniversary of each of my children’s adoption days. … Continue reading Today Is a Day Worth Celebrating

Satan is the Problem, Not Our Children

Am I too strict? Not strict enough? Am I scarring my kids for life? Am I molding respectable adults? Surely I’m not the only parent who struggles with these thoughts on a regular basis. Most days, I have no idea how to answer any of them. Recently, my children have been testing limits. A lot. … Continue reading Satan is the Problem, Not Our Children

What More Do They Need to Know?

Today at the breakfast table, my children were arguing about who their “real” brother or sister was. They are still young - 8,7,6 and 6 - but the term “real” makes my skin crawl. They’re not negating the relationships they have with one another; they're simply wondering about their birth connections. It’s natural, it’s developmental … Continue reading What More Do They Need to Know?