Sometimes They Surprise Me

We took a family trip to St. Louis, Missouri this past weekend to visit our “Auntie Haha”. We had an exciting time finding out there will be a new baby girl come October, swimming our hearts out and spending family time together. Weekends like these are some of my favorites even if they are a lot of work.

The workload has definitely changed as the children have aged, but it’s still a lot to pack, ensure we have everything, travel and then live harmoniously in a tiny hotel room for several days. Patience tends to run low and behaviors tend to increase. Attitudes flair and button-pushing ensues. But, sometimes they surprise me.

When a little voice pipes up from the dark after lights out and says, “Thank you mom and dad for letting us go swimming.” I’m a little bit surprised.

When vying for the best place to sleep, a sister abandons her already made bed for someone else, I’m a little bit surprised.

When we’re leaving the room to check out and my oldest son runs back in to grab a piece of paper that says, “Thank you. From the Jamisons” (in eight year old scribbles), I’m a little bit surprised.

Without prompting or direction, he took it upon himself to make a thank you note for the front desk. My heart is full. I lay my head down many nights wondering if I’m even remotely succeeding at this journey called motherhood; many nights I’m certain I’m not.

Then, they surprise me.

It was something so simple yet so big. It was a lesson in gratitude that I was sure had fallen on deaf ears. It was proof that I’m not failing (too terribly) after all.

When they don’t seem to be listening, they are. When they don’t seem to watching, they are. On the days you are sure you’re failing, they may just surprise you.

Later, my daughter proclaimed her desire to give a thank you note the next time we stay at a hotel, but I’m fairly confident it is strongly connected to the candy they received from the lady at the front desk this time.

…Sometimes they don’t surprise me at all.

One Comment on “Sometimes They Surprise Me

  1. Precious and proof of exactly what I’ve suspected all along–you and Mark are amazing parents!!!


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