When Dreams Come True

“Angela Jamison is our featured writer today…”

I opened my Facebook page to a notification with this line, followed by a link to my article. My article. With the publication of that article, a dream came true.

I love writing and I love the way words can paint a picture, tell a story, kill a mood or lift a spirit. I’ve conditioned my children to choose more descriptive options for the word “good” and taught my two-year old words like “nepotism” and “defecation”.

I have written for school, work, friends and family, but I’ve never put myself out there to an audience that doesn’t know me. So, if I never go further than where I am right now, a dream came true today. (But do not fret – I am going further!)

After geeking out in my kitchen and forwarding the link to a bazillion people, I took a deep breath and reveled in God’s provisions. My excitement really isn’t about having my article published. My excitement is about where God will take you when you simply listen.

When you simply listen, dreams come true.

My first taste of this was when I dreamed of being a mother. It was a childhood dream that I anticipated would quickly come to fruition once I was married. I was wrong. We had a battle with infertility and we lost. I spent countless hours crying, being angry and crying some more. We spent countless amounts of money on treatments and doctors. It was all for naught because God had my children waiting for me elsewhere. When I finally listened to Him, he pointed me in their direction and my dreams of being a mother were fulfilled. Currently, as I type, I have four beautiful children giggling and playing in the backyard. In transparent honesty, there is some bickering and screaming mixed in too!

But the bottom line is when I listened to God’s call and followed His direction, dreams came true.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
– Jeremiah 29:11

He has plans for us! Grandeur plans that we can barely fathom and all we have to do is listen. No one claims it will be easy. Sometimes, it may be downright hard, but it will be worth it. Our own plans are flawed and even if they do result in what we wanted, God’s plan will blow it out of the water.

I am giddy about the future. Not because I have any idea what it holds, but because I have my ear to sky and I plan on listening. After all, when we listen, dreams come true!


(The mentioned article can be found at http://www.just18summers.com)

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