Worthy In My Imperfection


The world sees me wearing many hats. The world doesn’t see the blaring neon lights of my subconscious labeling me a fraud.

When I’m told that I’m such a good mother, I wonder if they know that I just lost my cool when my youngest asked for the hundredth time what we were doing next.

When I hear that my husband is lucky to have me, I wonder if they know that I just huffed and puffed because he left crumbs on the counter …again.

When I’m complimented on the job I do, I wonder if they know that I’m actually useless without the people surrounding me.


These are the hats my subconscious flaunts. These are the hats that I feel I’m hiding from the world. If they knew my struggles, my anxiety, my failures, my sin surely they wouldn’t be throwing compliments my way.

As mothers, wives, professionals, friends – as people – we are so hard on ourselves. We spotlight the negative and dismiss the positives. We see ourselves as impossibly broken and imperfect beings. We are imperfect people striving for the love and acceptance of an imperfect world.


The reality? We are impossibly broken, imperfect beings, but we are God’s impossibly broken, imperfect sons and daughters

God loves us regardless of our imperfections. He sees into the darkest corners of our heart and past the blazing signs of fraud, liar and imposter in our minds. He loves us anyway.

Romans 5:8 God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Christ died for us. For the fraud, the liar, the imposter, Christ died. We will never be good enough for this world, but even in our imperfections, we are worthy to God.

The world sees me wearing many hats, but He sees into my very soul. His is the only acceptance I need. You are worthy is the only sign that needs to light my subconscious.

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