Slow Down

My youngest son is an enigma. He’s logic paired with extreme emotion and quirky paired with excessive routine. He’s smart, funny and as frustrating as he is endearing. I can say all of this because it’s true and because I’m his mother. I love him fiercely, without question, yet he still leaves me shaking my head at times wondering what just happened.

I shake my head, but I secretly love the way his brain works. It’s eye opening and always makes me double think the way I say and do things. Recently, I didn’t think hard enough, though, because I left him confused and he left me shaking my head with a chuckle. 

After VBS, I took the kids to lunch at a restaurant and while we were waiting, a group of servicemen walked in and were seated at a nearby table. The kids started talking about them and I took the opportunity to discuss how we should always thank servicemen. They do a very dangerous job and keep us safe. After the boys were redirected from an obsession with the big guns they carry, the conversation turned and we decided that as a token of appreciation we were going to buy their lunch. As a whole, everyone was excited for this special surprise, but my youngest son was becoming visibly antsy. As I’m asking what is wrong, he pleads, “Mom, I don’t want to buy their lunch. Don’t do it. I won’t like their lunch!” 

Oh, son ….

After I bite my tongue, nearly drawing blood, so I wouldn’t giggle, I assured him that we weren’t going to take and eat their lunch. We were just going to pay for it as a surprise. I’m honestly not sure if he internalized any of the kindness or gratitude I was trying to instill that day, but I do know he’s never been more excited to see his plate of noodles show up at the table! 

From daily ‘costume’ changes to lunchtime concerns this child is a constant reminder to slow down. Slow down and enjoy life. Slow down and choose your words wisely. Slow down and embrace the unique you God created. 

I spend a lot of time shaking my head … and slowing down. 

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