Some May Call It Chaos

Some days I'm exhausted by 9am. The process of getting four, independent, listening-impaired, beautiful children out the door for the 8am school bus is comparable to an interval training workout. There are bouts of cardio while searching the house for lost items mixed with strength training of quite literally dragging sixty pound bodies out of … Continue reading Some May Call It Chaos

Stop Allowing Satan to Eclipse God’s Glory

Today was a day of excitement. People traveled hundreds of miles, thousands of pairs of special glasses were bought and nature left us breathless. The total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 will take over Facebook for days and be talked about for longer. For some, it was a once in a lifetime experience and … Continue reading Stop Allowing Satan to Eclipse God’s Glory

‘Twas the Day Before School

'Twas the day before school Of grades first, second and third. Where has time gone? The rate is simply absurd. Trading their Pokémon for pencils And Barbies for books, My babies are growing In far more than just looks. We're working on kindness And telling the truth. Perfecting life skills Like brushing every tooth. This … Continue reading ‘Twas the Day Before School