‘Twas the Day Before School

‘Twas the day before school
Of grades first, second and third.
Where has time gone?
The rate is simply absurd.

Trading their Pokémon for pencils
And Barbies for books,
My babies are growing
In far more than just looks.

We’re working on kindness
And telling the truth.
Perfecting life skills
Like brushing every tooth.

This summer we learned
The art of sleeping in
We dread the alarm clock
And don’t want early mornings to begin.

Although I am ready
For routine and quiet each day.
This momma heart grieves
That they’ll each go their own way.

I kiss their sweet heads
And say a small prayer.
Dear God, let them shine your light
Every day. Every where.

Keep them safe.
Remind them they’re yours.
Open their eyes,
Open new doors.

I know you’ll be with them
As they go through their day.
I entrust them to you, Lord.
In these things I do pray.

3 Comments on “‘Twas the Day Before School

  1. I love you did this bc I thought of doing the same! Mine was going to be “Twas the night before school and all through the house, mom was frantically searching like a scared little mouse. For lost socks and bookbags and that darn old lunchbox…” far as I got 🙂


    • For lost socks and bookbags
      And that darned old lunch box.
      For the emergency form signed
      And the code to that old combo lock.

      She’s secretly reminiscing
      About so much more.
      Like giggles of toddlers
      And tiny handprints on the sliding glass door.

      *tag* you’re it 😂


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