31 Days of Devotions for Foster / Adoptive Parents

My life truly changed when I opened my heart to God’s nudge to be foster and eventually adoptive parents. I struggled with infertility for years and tried countless times to start a family my way. I was unsuccessful and grew more and more angry by the day.

When I finally turned it over to God, listened to and followed His calling, I was bathed in peace, understanding and a surreal sense of contentment. I knew in that moment that I would be a mother. I didn’t know when, how, or how many, but I knew – without a doubt – that it would be.

My journey has been beautiful, bumpy and totally orchestrated by the Father. I garner such joy in sharing it and offering hope and encouragement to others who may be on the path to foster care or adoption. If by being open, vulnerable and transparent I can bring a sense of peace to someone else, my journey was worth every moment of happiness and heartache.

My distinct hope in this 31 Day Challenge is to touch lives, open hearts and encourage others on their journey. Through the 31 Days of Devotions for Foster / Adoptive Parents, I am going to embrace authenticity and rely on vulnerability. It is my hope to use my stories to touch on prominent topics of the foster care and adoption community.

If you know someone who is currently on a foster or adoption journey, please share my link. God has amazing stories written for each and every one of you and I want to ensure you believe it!

Through these 31 days, I pray that I impact you where you are. Whether your journey has just begun, you’re years in or simply a curious outsider, I pray to speak to your heart.


Day 1 Trusting in God’s Timing


Day 2 Embracing God’s Call


Day 3 What Does It Mean?


Day 4 Am I Really Capable?


Day 5 I Did Not Understand


Day 6 Expect the Unexpected


Day 7 Celebrate


Day 8 Overcoming the Fear of Saying Yes


Day 9 Breaking the Chains


Day 10 Staying Strong


Day 11 Humble Obedience


Day 12 You Can’t Do It Alone


Day 13 Practicing Acceptance


Day 14 Faith


Day 15 Love One Another


Day 16 Surviving a Broken Heart


Day 17 On Borrow


Day 18 He Will Walk With You


Day 19 Those We Love To Hate


Day 20 What’s Next?


Day 21 Iron Sharpens Iron


Day 22 The Power of Weakness


Day 23 Living Under the Microscope


Day 24 Starting Them Off


Day 25 Wonderfully Made


Day 26 Purposeful Prayer


Day 27 For This Child I Prayed


Day 28 Be Not Afraid


Day 29 You Were Made For This


Day 30 Living In Unity


Day 31 Dressing Your Children


2 Comments on “31 Days of Devotions for Foster / Adoptive Parents

  1. As an adoption attorney with approximately 27 years of experience in this field, I am thrilled to see that you want to write about your experiences and how it has been a journey with God. I tell people that there is no way you can do adoption work and not believe in God; I see too many miracles and situations God has clearly had His hand in to create a forever (in more ways than one) family.


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