Overcoming the Fear of Saying Yes

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

Psalm 56:3 NIV

I had our official foster parent certificate in hand and the number of the local DCBS programmed in my phone. Filled with nervous anticipation, I awaited the first call, but doubt plagued my mind.

How would I say no?

Could I really do this if I said yes?

The doubts were relentless, causing me to question what I had learned in training, my decisions and my heart. I knew God placed this desire on my heart and I fully believed that God was directing my path. When I became afraid, or the doubts became too much, I remembered Psalm 56:3 and put my trust in the one who laid the desire on my heart in the first place.

Satan will use the horror stories and stigma to distract you from your ultimate purpose to be a foster / adoptive parent. Are they real? Absolutely, but don’t allow Satan to capitalize on your fear! Put your trust in Him who is with you always.

Today, practice saying yes in the face of fear. Say yes to the small things that scare you and you’ll have an easier time saying yes to the big ones in the future.

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