Embrace the Journey

Are we there yet?

How many more minutes? Miles? Inches?
When we’re on a family road trip, the questioning is incessant. So much so, we implemented a reward system for NOT asking “are we there yet” on our trip to Disney World last Spring.
After spending the weekend at the Ohio Christian Writer’s Conference examining our journeys, I realized God has a similar reward system! When I don’t stall, questioning where he is taking me or how long it will take, He rewards my obedience.
I have witnessed this in my writing journey, being rewarded with more opportunity for every step I take in obedience. I have also witnessed this in the journey to my family, being blessed immensely by simply following his lead.
Every aspect of our life is a journey. A journey to adoption, a journey to publication, a journey to the next adventure. Likewise, every journey has an aspect of waiting, the dreaded road trip.
So often we equate waiting to wasted time and we miss the opportunity or the joy in that wait. God doesn’t ask us to wait as punishment or time-wasting! He asks us to wait as he prepares something beyond our imagination. The happiness I feel at the prospect of what I can imagine will be exemplified significantly by what God actually has in store.
Psalm 27:14 instructs us to wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord. We should no longer fear the waiting or the road trip, but be courageous in the knowledge that the Lord will bless us.
Be courageous in our waiting.
As we courageously wait for the Lord, we must not squander our time with idleness, but rather continue working for God’s glory. We work, knowing God’s good and perfect will is being laid out before us.
Every aspect of life is a journey and we need to embrace it. We should embrace the unknowns with the certainty of a father who will take care of us, the idle times with a heart of sharing God’s love and the journey with a courage only possible through our Lord Jesus Christ.
How are you going to glorify Christ on your journey today?

One Comment on “Embrace the Journey

  1. We are often impatient and want God to answer our prayers immediately or reveal his plan for us right now! Thank you for the reminder that while God is allowing us to wait–He is planning something extra special just for us.


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