Black Friday Blessings

As I searched the newspaper ads for the best deals, I made lists of the stores we would visit and the items we were scouting. I set the alarm, laid out my tennis shoes and prepared my husband for the early morning that was to come.

I enjoy Black Friday shopping as I love the Christmas songs piping through the speakers, the people dressed in  antlers and santa hats and the excitement of finding a good deal.

Black Friday is where I complete most, if not all, of my Christmas shopping, where I shop for our adopt-a-family and where I begin my favorite season blessing others.

Black Friday, for me, is not about fighting for the best deal, grumbling while waiting in line, or arguing over a sale. It’s about the exact opposite.

I go out on Black Friday for blessings – some I give and some I receive.

This year, my Black Friday Blessings were ….

  • Nine straight hours with my husband, uninterrupted by children.
  • Whispering to those around where I found a better deal on the purchase in their hand.
  • A cashier who noticed when I didn’t have two of the “buy one get one free” items and allowed me to get the second.
  • Another customer who understood a joke and continued to make the whole line laugh.
  • Manners. Those that said please and thank you, excuse me and I’m sorry.
  • A shopping trip free of credit cards and the ability to buy for others.
  • A babysitter who entertained my children with a joyful spirit.
  • Safety while driving and weather that was pleasant.
  • A car load of gifts for a family that may not have them otherwise.

Although some seem silly, blessings are all around us. Even on Black Friday, the day often shadowed by poor manners, fights and bad attitudes, I was able to find blessings. Honestly, I didn’t have to look far, either.

It’s easy to look around us and find where society is failing. It takes an effort to find the blessing in the little things, appreciate the smile and laugh from a stranger. I choose to put forth the effort. You should to.

Black Friday blessings can be found every day if we seek the best deal – Jesus Christ who already paid our debt

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.     -Mark 10:45


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