Surround Yourself

There are days where I long to be the solitary being in the house, surrounded by silence. There are times I debate accepting the invitation for dinner, contemplating instead a quiet evening on the couch with a book. With my home being a television sitcom rivaling Fuller House and America’s Funniest Home Videos, it is no wonder solitude is so appealing.

But, I wasn’t made for solitude and neither were you. We were not designed to do life alone, but rather in connection and relationship with others. Even on the loudest days, the hardest days, the days I’m not sure I can survive, I need to be surrounded.

And so do you.

Surrounded by 

People who give of their time to see you succeed.

People who listen and respond in a way that makes you feel heard and safe.

People who speak to your insecurities and effectively squash them.

People who fill your bucket and know your love language.

People who make you laugh.

People who love God, recognize Him in you and help you better serve Him.

People who ground you, bring you away from the ledge and remind you that this too shall pass.

People who joyfully welcome you into their home.

People who are transparent in emotion and thought.

People who love you through the chaos.

People who encourage your dreams with a healthy push in the right direction.

People who see you for who you are and still call you friend.

People who shut down self-loathing and embrace unique differences.

People who love.

Solitude isolates us from the lifelines God has placed in our lives in the form of relationships. Surround yourself in a way that lifts you up, brightens your path and allows you to face each day head on. Although there are many days I long for a quiet moment, there is never a day I feel alone. I pray the same for you.

Who are you surrounded by?

One Comment on “Surround Yourself

  1. Being an introvert, I too, like some time alone. When my children were younger and I’d have the house empty for a long weekend, I would accomplish overdue projects and quiet time. But by the end of the weekend, I was ready for them to come home and to bring back the chaos. Thanks for your transparency.


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