The Morning Mom Melodies

I often feel like a broken record in the morning. I have debated on simply recording a morning and then pressing play on the recorder for every day until my children fly from the nest. We all have our morning mom melodies and depending on the age of your child they may sound different, but they all root in the frazzled desire to get ourselves and our little beings where they need to be on time. It’s really the “on time” portion that gets me! If we could dawdle at the speed of sloths on vacation, our mornings would feel much less harried. Alas, that is not our reality.

Our reality is the mom melody that goes something like this…

It’s time to wake –
Good morning, sunshine!
Yes, it’s a school day
Oh dear, please don’t whine!
Get dressed!
Change your underwear.
Yes, you need shoes and socks!
Now come and brush your hair.
Did you brush?
It looks like you just rolled out of bed.
Go downstairs.
Is anyone listening to what I said?!
Breakfast is waiting.
Come to the table!
Why is everyone moving so slow?!
Pack or buy today?
Stop playing while you eat.
Oh, for heaven’s sake –
No one wants to smell your feet!
Put your dishes in the sink,
Go clean your face.
Wash your hands, brush your teeth –
Please stop moving at a snail’s pace!
No we’re not getting that out –
The bus will be here soon.
Would you please just go and watch …
What is this weird cartoon?
Get your coats.
Hats and gloves, too
Don’t forget your lunch
And tie your shoes!
Please don’t run
Leave your sister be!
Where is the bus?
Please come and rescue me!
Do you have your bag? Your lunch, too?
Have a great day!
I Love you!
Every morning, every day, this is my mom melody.
What does your morning mom melody sound like?

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