Love Is…

Last year around Valentine’s Day my son brought home a questionnaire he had completed at school. On one of the lines he was instructed to finish the sentence, “Love is…”

He wrote: Love is spending time with my mom.

You know those moments as parents where you feel, quite literally, sucker-punched in the gut? Yep, this was one of them. I wanted to cry of equally parts sweetness and guilt.

This year, I asked my children and some other children close to me to finish the sentence, “Love is…” The responses varied, but some of my favorites were as follows:

Love is kindness.

Love is family.

Love is having joy in your heart and feeling sad and missing someone when they die.

Love is being good to people.

Love is my favorite thing to do.

Love is fun.

And the most powerful response (from a nine-year-old)…

Love is God.

Love is God. 

As we enter the loveliest day of the year, Valentine’s Day, I pray you each think about what love is to you and who love is. God is love. Valentine’s Day can be over-sensationalized, but the core truth remains – it’s a day of love.

Spend today finding ways to love others. Spend time with your children, help a neighbor, smile at a stranger. Spend today being a beacon of God’s love because after all…

Love is God. 

God is love.  

One Comment on “Love Is…

  1. And when we finally learn to love God as He loves us, there will be an automatic jump to love others as He loves them.
    Such a revelation!


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