Procrastination Awaits

Procrastination has become a close friend of late. I know It has overstayed it’s welcome, but I continue to allow it to accompany me into many aspects of my life.

The book proposal I’ve told myself will be submitted by month’s end is still idly sitting on my computer screen 90% complete.

The dishes have been accumulating in the sink opposed to the dishwasher and the laundry is a whole other battle I dare not even speak of.

I did get the dog to the vet for his annual appointment after thinking about it for almost a month, but my van still looks like a battle zone on the inside because I’ve yet to clean or vacuum it.

This blog post alone has been in the making for several days, but actually getting it on paper has proven more difficult than trimming an infant’s toenails.

Most of the time it’s not that I actually don’t want to do it or even that I don’t have time. Now don’t get me wrong, my days are pretty full from sun up to sun down, but it’s not a time issue … it’s a me issue.

Surely we all have those days, weeks and sometimes longer where procrastination becomes our best friend. I’m confident I’m not alone.

I don’t have many strategies to combat procrastination aside from “suck it up, Sally” and it’s clear I need to add to my arsenal.

So tell me … how do you battle procrastination and win?!

One Comment on “Procrastination Awaits

  1. I go to my niece’s blog and revel in her grasp of God’s ways of gracing us.
    I read of her trials… then I try smiling. That usually gets me going again.
    That girl has more going for her in her short number of years that I have in all of mine. She is fantastic. It works every time to get me back on task.


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