Dear Mother of my Child

Dear Mother of my Child,

I should start by saying thank you. Thank you for the precious child that gives the best hugs, makes me laugh until I cry and constantly keeps me on my toes. Thank you for your selfless act of love, filling my heart and home.

I remember before she was born you told me that I would have my hands full. You said you could tell she would be a feisty one and I better be ready for your attitude. I didn’t believe you.

I should have believed you. You were so right.

The tiny pink bundle that barely fit in the car seat at the hospital is now a strong-willed seven-year old who doesn’t spend much time in a seat at all.

I could go on for hours about the little person she has become – the good, bad and ugly – but what I really want you to know is that she knows you and she loves you.

We got into an argument today. Me, a thirty-four year old mother, in a head-to-head with a spunky seven-year-old. She brought me to tears. I wasn’t succumbing to the attitude or the pleas and her next statement was, “Can’t I just talk to my biological momma?”

My heart broke with hers as I reminded you’re watching from heaven. My tears started when she asked, “Can’t I just call her for a minute?”

I spend my days ensuring she is loved, happy and has everything she needs, but the reality is I will never be you. I can fill many voids, but I will never fit into the momma shaped hole in her heart.

Your spirit lives within my little one. The same spirit and spunk that you warned me of fills my days. Although you’re not here to see it, I want you to know that your gift was not in vain.

Your spirit will be fostered, your name common on our tongues.

She knows you and she loves you.

I love you.


A Blessed Momma

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