When Satan Steals Your Day

Yesterday, I woke up with a bad attitude. I couldn’t pinpoint the problem and it escalated through the day. We’ve all had those days, right? The days where you’re watching the clock by 9:00am or can barely stand to be around people. The days where your children are behaving like they were raised by Tarzan and the dog is acting like a wild hound. The days where you simply can not get out of your funk and every moment is a battle between crying or biting someone’s head off.

Is it just me?

I’d like to believe that I am not the only one who experiences days like this. I’d like to believe that Satan steals others’ days as well.

That is exactly what happened yesterday – Satan stole my day. He robbed my day of patience, joy and gratitude. He capitalized on my bad attitude and used it to monopolize my whole day.

Satan did that.

You see, my husband and I have been praying about a specific calling lately and we’re listening to God’s nudge. We’re taking steps in faith and asking God to lead us in this endeavor. We’re opening our hearts to God’s work and leaving no room for fear.

Satan doesn’t like that.

Satan doesn’t like when we lean fully on the support of the One who understands us, created us .He doesn’t like when we open our hearts, following in faith the path laid by our Almighty Father. He doesn’t like it and he works overtime to stop it.

When Satan feels threatened by our stand, he swoops in to steal our days.

When Satan works to steal our days, we should be confirmed rather than confused; relieved rather than redirected. When Satan is working overtime on us, it’s because we are doing something right. When Satan is quiet, leaving us to our own accord, we should worry.

The next time Satan tries to steal my day I’ll be ready.

I’ll be ready to retaliate with the Word, wrapping myself in God’s promises to take care of me.

I’ll be ready with outlets, taking a walk, a bath or enjoying a book.

I’ll be ready with joy, finding a reason to smile, laugh and be grateful.

As we focus on following God’s calling, living a life of disciples, Satan will try to steal our days more and more. I will revel in his attempts knowing his attention is synchronized with his aggravation; the more frustrated Satan is the more I know I am following God!

One Comment on “When Satan Steals Your Day

  1. “Is it just me?” Of course not bc I know my friend, Carla had a bad attitude too! Thanks for always focusing us back to the One who matters! Love you!


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