Month: April 2018

Let Them Fly

Today I had a follow-up appointment with the Reading Clinic in regards to my daughter’s recent evaluation. I walked in not knowing what they were going to tell me, but resolved to the fact that I was ready to get to the bottom of… Continue Reading “Let Them Fly”

Hurry Up … But Wait

Hurry up … but wait. ‘Hurry up … but wait’ is a phenomenon we have all experienced. It is the times we can’t wait to get past, or get to, that suddenly aren’t what we expected when we get there or they simply end… Continue Reading “Hurry Up … But Wait”

My Word

Early in January, I read several blogs about a  word of the year. The theory is you choose a word, pray on it, contemplate it and essentially have a year really embracing this specific word. I’ve seen words all over the board from courage… Continue Reading “My Word”

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