My Word

Early in January, I read several blogs about a  word of the year. The theory is you choose a word, pray on it, contemplate it and essentially have a year really embracing this specific word. I’ve seen words all over the board from courage to faith to adventure and even forgiveness. Many would say your word choice is personal and placed on your heart by God, guiding you through the coming year.

When I initially read about “my word of the year” I loved the thought behind it and began thinking. I wanted a word. I love words. But for some reason, nothing seemed to stick and I now find myself in April still contemplating this whole idea of a word of the year.
I tossed around several words, but there is one that seems to keep reappearing. I disregarded it at first because it felt silly and a bit cliché. It has continued to sit on my heart though and I’ve finally made the decision to embrace my word, the word handed to me by God.
I will walk in faith.
I will walk in confidence.
I will walk with joy.
I will walk with the underdogs.
I will walk through persecution.
I will walk into the unknown.
‘Walk’ seems so simple, but it actually encompasses so much and has already been a prominent theory in my 2018. God is calling me to walk, in faith and confidence, into the unknown, with the underdogs. God is calling me to fully trust the stones He is laying for my path and simply walk.
I think God is always asking this of us, but I know I am often less than obedient. I believe he placed this word on my heart so that I would truly focus my eyes on Him, the path maker, opposed to the cracks in the way.
What word has God placed on your heart for 2018? What word do you need to embrace in your life and heart?

One Comment on “My Word

  1. My initial gut has me choosing KINDNESS, but I’ll have to keep thinking on this.


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