Hurry Up … But Wait

Hurry up … but wait.
‘Hurry up … but wait’ is a phenomenon we have all experienced. It is the times we can’t wait to get past, or get to, that suddenly aren’t what we expected when we get there or they simply end too quickly.
I’m currently in the position of thinking “hurry up” as my bucket list, dream vacation is less than a month away. I’ve been planning for over a year and it is finally close enough to grasp. Time can’t move fast enough to get me there, but I know as soon as it does I’m going to be sad when it’s actually over. I’m going to think, “…but wait” I wanted to do this or I didn’t get to do that.
I struggle with the ‘hurry up … but wait’ phenomenon.
Hurry up babies and start walking! But wait, now I can’t keep track of all four of you!
Hurry up and get out of diapers! But wait, no one told me I’d spend as much money on toilet paper and hand soap!
Hurry up and get here vacation! But wait, I don’t want the time I’m there to go so fast!
Hurry up and be done with this day. I’m tired! But wait, the kids think they’re nocturnal tonight.
‘Hurry up … but wait’ haunts me and in hindsight leaves me wondering what I missed while wishing time away. I don’t mean to do it. I know time is precious and I want to revel in each special minute I have, but I’m flawed and impatient.
Needless to say, I’m constantly self-correcting the ‘hurry up’ thought process. I’m constantly reminding myself to embrace the journey, the process, the moment we’re in. I can thank my children for that. They’re always wondering what’s next and my response is, “we’re in this moment”.
We’re in this moment.
Today, tomorrow and in the days to come I am going to make the conscious effort to be in this moment. Not to be thinking about what’s next or how long until I get where I want, but to embrace the right now.
Hurry up, but wait …
Right now is exactly where I’m meant to be.
Right now is beautiful.
Right now is my moment and I will embrace it.

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