To My Children’s Teachers

To My Children’s Teachers,
It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! I hope I show my appreciation on more than just this week. I hope I take time often to tell you how grateful I am for the work you do in the lives of my children. I hope between the broken pencils and missing lunch boxes you know just how important you are.
I worry that your bucket gets emptied far too often and not enough people are refilling it. I worry you let overzealous parents steal some of your joy or doubt steal some of your vision. I worry you think you’re not enough.
Allow me to squash that lie right now. You are enough! You were chosen for this profession by the very hands that crafted you and He will do amazing works in your classroom.
You are the safe place for my babies when I am at work. For that I am grateful.
You are the eyes that notice behaviors or issues and implement a plan to fix them. For that I am indebted.
You are the patience that I often lack and the praise that sits on my tongue. You are the encourager and disciplinarian.
You are my partner.
The reality is, I’d be lost without you. I’ve been brought to tears by math homework and you spend hours a day ensuring the children understand it. I have been frustrated after ten minutes of reading and you do it with joyous encouragement.
You took this job not because you get paid in exorbitant amounts, but because you get paid in smiles, the thrill of accomplishment and hope. Hope for a bright future, strong leaders and hope that the long days you put in are worth it.
They are worth it.
It may not be said nearly enough, but you are the backbone of our future. You are doing the hard work of filling our children with knowledge, with strength. My work at home would be tenfold without you.
You are my partner and it’s not always an equal relationship.
Sometimes I don’t do our nightly reading or practice the spelling words for the fourth day in a row. Sometimes I cringe at projects and wait until the last minute to rush my child through it. Sometimes I fail them in their education.
But you don’t.
You show up every day with a smile plastered on your face, ready to give a hug to every child that throws themselves at your legs. You show up with lesson plans and activities you have spent your free time designing, ready to change the plan on a whim depending on the needs of the child. You show up and change the world one child at a time every day.
There are not enough thanks for all you do.
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
A Mother Who Doesn’t Thank You Enough

2 Comments on “To My Children’s Teachers

  1. Thanks as a teacher myself I admit we need these kind words. But teachers thank you for sharing your child with us!


  2. ANGELa – your Aunt Jeanne is an outstanding teacher … and it is done for love of the children parents entrust to her, not the money.

    Your Aunt Rozann [my beloved wife] was an outstanding [and much awarded] Middle School Science teacher … and it was done for the love of the children parents entrusted to her, not the money.

    I spent 35 years teaching High School aged children [soon to be adults] in church related religious education programs and in Youth Groups [ALL as a volunteer]. AND in the past 8 years I have been a substitute teacher in 2 High Schools, 3 Middle Schools, and 4 Elementary Schools … and it is done for the love of the children parents entrust to me, not the money.

    POINT? Your encouraging words will truly touch the hearts of so many who read it – many who think their efforts are not noticed.

    Thank you for working so hard with your own children – probably harder than the vast majority of other parental efforts. AND you two CHOOSE to do it every day, no matter the special needs of each.

    Society thanks you!


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