Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is such an interesting day for me, having many facets of emotion. There is always a small part of me that balks at the Facebook posts detailing someone’s pregnancy journey from how they looked pregnant to how long their labor was. I will never be able to ‘copy and paste’ and no matter how many years it’s been, and how much I have come to terms with it, a part of me still stirs.

Another part of me revels in the beautiful blessing of my four children and stands in awe that God created these babies just for me. The making of our family may be relatively unconventional, but it was perfectly planned by my Almighty Father. Mother’s day doesn’t go by without my recognition of that.

A large part of me also recognizes the gift I have in my own mother. The woman who taught me love, compassion and generosity and still exhibits them all today. The woman who jumps when I’m in need, comforts when I’m sad and joyfully experiences this roller coaster of life by my side. My mother is a woman I don’t deserve and not a day goes by, Mother’s Day or otherwise, I don’t thank God for her.

The final part of me is only understood by few. The final part of me grieves for the biological mothers of my children. Regardless of their choices, the path of their life, I will spend my day with their babies and they won’t. That hurts my heart.

I can’t imagine they don’t think about their little people as the stores, television commercials and Facebook light up with Mother’s Day. I can’t imagine they don’t wonder about where they are, how they’re doing and what they’ve become.

Mother’s Day is a mix of emotions for me, but I can’t imagine what it is for them.

A Mother’s Day Prayer for all ….

Dear Heavenly Father,

What a special opportunity to honor our mothers. To acknowledge the sacrifice of motherhood, the joys and the heartaches. I pray we each find time to thank you today. Thank you for our mothers. We know every situation is unique, but we also know that you stand with us in each. Your love flows through us and allows us to overflow to others.

For the mother who has lost a child, may God’s peace and comfort wrap around you.

For the child who has lost a mother, may you know God’s embrace and his steadfast love.

For the woman who can not bear children, may you believe in God’s plan and know motherhood comes in many different forms and facets. May God wash away your tears of frustration, replacing them with ones of hope.

For the mother and child who are estranged, may God work between you, mending the brokenness with his love and grace. May you believe in second, third, fourth and more chances and the power of love.

For the foster-mother, may you feel the peace of knowing you’re sharing God’s love and creating a foundation for these children that can not be broken. Although your motherhood may come in spurts, you are essential.

For the adoptive mother, may you recognize the blessing in your children. May you look into their eyes and see a child whom God created just for you.

Lord, I pray that all women, all mothers of different kinds feel your love today, pouring on them from all angles. May they each embrace the path you’ve designed for them and encourage one another. You, God, are perfect in all ways and we thank you.


One Comment on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. ecce [L.] – Behold
    how much God must love your children…
    He gave them YOU!


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