For Them I Pray

I recently heard of a father taking his own life. I have watched the news and read the articles of famous people taking their own lives. I have suffered the heartbreak of suicide.
My heart hurts.
My heart hurts for those lost. It hurts for those who see no other option and feel so alone that death is a better alternative to living.
My heart hurts for the family and friends left behind. It hurts for those who will question and wonder what they missed, what they could have said or done.
My heart hurts for the darkness so prominent in our world.
When I was faced with the realization that a dear friend had ended his life, I experienced many emotions.
I was angry. I was angry that I had spoken to him hours before and didn’t see the signs. I was angry that I was too late to help. I was angry that I would have to explain to my children that their ‘uncle’ wouldn’t be at their next birthday or cookout.
That anger ignited in me a passion to be light in this world. The passion to be kind to all people, teach my children kindness, listen intently and never miss an opportunity to share God’s love.
My anger lit a fire in me that has gone out in too many others.
There will always be darkness in this world and there will be mental illness that we can’t compete against, but the grace and love of God is bigger, stronger and more powerful.
I pray more people reignite their fire to share with others. I pray my actions will allow God’s love to permeate the darkness of even one person. I pray God uses me, and my fire, to save His children.
I pray my children know God’s love and share it freely. I pray God uses them to spread light in this world to save His children.
My heart hurts for the people in this world who feel alone and with no other choice than to end their own life. I pray fervently for them with these words…
Dear Heavenly Father,
I lift up to you all those who may or may not know you, but are feeling engulfed in darkness, sadness and defeat. I lift up those who fear for tomorrow, feel they can’t possibly go another day and just don’t know what else to do. I lift up to you those who don’t feel loved, don’t know what love is or don’t have it in them to love others.
Father, I pray for those in darkness and ask for your help bringing them your light. I pray you fill me to overflow to them. I pray you place people in their path that exemplify your love and grace. I pray they know your light, love and peace.
God, help us reach them before it’s too late. Help us be understanding, caring, and compassionate. Help us be more like you.
Heavenly Father, let us not allow another person to lose hope because of our lack of action. Push us out of our comfort zones so we can meet others where they are in their darkness.
You are the most perfect Father and we seek you.

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