Dear Hot Mess Mama

Dear Hot Mess Mama,

I often feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. I feel responsible for myself ,my children, my husband and so many others. I carry this weight with as much poise as I can muster, but it’s hard.

I see you struggling, too.

I allow the weight to bring me down, lower my morale and plant guilt in my mind. I feel guilty about not being enough or not doing enough. I struggle to see my worth and often wonder if my purpose is more than knowing the recipe for magic butt paste.

I see you questioning, too.

Some days I need a break by 9am. Then, the guilt of feeling overwhelmed with the blessings that are my children weighs on me. I should revel in their stories, rejoice in their artistic talents and praise their problem solving, but sometimes I just want to be left alone.

I see you feeling guilty, too.

As mothers, we weren’t created to be perfect. We weren’t created to handle it all. We weren’t created to carry the weight of the world, never feel overwhelmed or do everything right. As mothers, we are still human. Flawed, hot mess mamas surviving only by the grace of God.

Embrace the truth today that God sees you, knows you and loves you just the same. He sees past the piles of dirty laundry and fingerprints on the door right to your heart. He sees past the moment of yelling and cereal for dinner right to your soul.

God sees past all the mess and loves you still.

Now it’s your turn to look past dirty dishes and carpet stains and love yourself. Look past the moment of lost control and barely controlled chaos and accept yourself.

You’re doing your best to navigate these waters and you forget to give yourself enough credit. Your burden is heavier from the expectations you load on it.

God asks for your obedience because he wants to carry that burden for you.

Let him.

Hot mess mama, you’re not alone! There are a whole tribe of us feeling the same way, understanding the defeat, fighting the doubt and struggling against the questions. Thankfully, God knows us all.

I would definitely be joining you on the hot mess mama list if God kept one. I’m thankful that he doesn’t. You see, God doesn’t see us for our hot messes, he sees us in the perfect image he created. It’s about time we see the same!

The next time you look in the mirror, embrace your disheveled hair and see that it represents an active life keeping up with your precious children. Find beauty in the wrinkles as they were created from laughing and happy tears. Have gratitude for the piles of laundry and dirty dishes that represent a family well taken care of.

You may be a hot mess mama, but you are a hot mess mama loved by a not-mess God. You are his perfect creation loved unconditionally and you are not alone.

I’m on your side!

A Fellow Hot Mess Mama

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