Pray Together

I’ve made a list to start me off on this 31 day writing challenge and I’m excited to see what I learn in the process. Although every day may not pertain to you and your children, it is my prayer that everyday you find something to take away, something to take home and something to enrich the bond between you and your child.

Being a foster / adoptive parent brings with it a unique set of challenges, one of them circulating around bonding. Sometimes we have children for days, months and even years. Sometimes they become a part of our forever family. No matter how long they reside in our home, however, it is our deepest desire that they feel loved and connected. In theory this seems like such a simple task, but in reality, it takes a conscious effort with specific strategies to do well.

Our current children are nine, nine, eight and seven (she’ll be eight in a week!) and we’ve had three of them since they were days old. It seems like a no brainer that we would be bonded (and we are!), but my children also have a biological family they often mourn. My children need consistent reassurance that they are loved, wanted and important members of this family.

Your children aren’t much different. Whether foster, adopted or biological, all children want the reassurance that they are loved, wanted and important members of the family. This concept alone is what birthed the idea of 31 Days of 31 Ways to Bond with Your Child.

Today we begin with a simple yet mighty strategy – pray together.

We often spend time praying for our children. We pray for their safety, for their wise choices, even for their obedience. It feels natural to pray for our children yet we don’t always pray with them. We don’t often allow them to hear the worries of our heart while also listening to theirs.

Praying with our children shows them they are significant and their prayers matter too. Praying with our children allows them to witness vulnerability and authenticity while simultaneously creating a safe avenue for them to be both vulnerable and authentic.

We have an opportunity to model to our children the type of relationship we can have with our loving Father. When they see us laying our burdens at the cross in prayer, they’ll learn to do the same. When they witness our trust and faith through actions of prayer, they’ll begin to exhibit those same actions. Building that relationship with God together is a powerful experience, laying a firm foundation for their spiritual future.

Pray with your children daily. Pray prayers of grace at the dinner table and cry out prayers of need before bed. Allow your children to see you on your knees and invite them by your side. Pray together for your family and each other. Praise the current moment and pray for the next day. From budding friendships to upcoming tests, leave no woe, worry or praise left unsaid.

Pray with your children strengthening not only your earthly bond, but the bond with their Heavenly Father as well.

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