Keep Calm

I have admitted before that I am a yeller. I tend to maintain my cool very well until suddenly I don’t. When I have reached the end of my patience it comes out in the form of an angry mama bear growling for the neighbors to hear. There have probably been times the neighbors have jumped up to clean their rooms because they heard me shout it for the thirtieth time.

It’s not something I’m proud of nor boasting about. It’s simply something I am.

I struggle keeping calm at times even knowing how imperative it is to my children, my sanity and the overall atmosphere of my home. Keeping calm sets a standard in our home that we strive to maintain. A standard of peace and safety.

The last thing I ever want my children to feel is unsafe in their own home. I’d venture to guess you agree. As parents, one of our top priorities is ensuring the safety of our children. How devastating to think we could be jeopardizing that by losing our cool.

Employ strategies to help you maintain your cool in times of struggle. Deep breathe, walk away, take a bath, eat a cookie – whatever you need to do is OK if it means stopping long enough to think before you speak, breath before you yell.

Our children are learning from us every moment of every day and quite honestly, that’s a scary thought at times. I want my children to learn grace, love, forgiveness, kindness and a litany of other positive attributes from me. I don’t want them to learn how to yell.

It’s a daily struggle and likely will continue to be, but it’s a struggle worth combatting. Bond with your children by keeping your cool, showing them the grace, love and kindness you want them to exhibit.

Bond with your children by being transparent and honest when you don’t do such a great job at it. Apologize for losing your cool and talk about what you will do next time to keep it from happening. Show them your imperfections so they will be less afraid of theirs.

Keeping our calm is not only a more healthy approach to parenting for both you and your children, but it is an approach that will allow appropriate bonding. You won’t succeed every day, but you will make a difference when you do. 

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