Eat Meals Together

Honestly, after working all day and surviving the tedious task of homework, I dread cooking dinner. My children are picky eaters and it’s exhausting to plan and execute a menu that everyone is happy with. Over the years, I’ve found a small list of recipes that will please the whole mass of my family, but it is still a daily struggle. A struggle that I often would rather win by throwing some cereal at my kids and calling it a day.

The struggle is real! If I had an unlimited budget we would eat out every day for dinner, enjoying each others company over a meal I did not have to make. Unfortunately, I don’t have an unlimited budget and that’s not realistic.

Even with as much as I despise cooking, I understand the importance of having a meal together as a family. Mealtime is an opportunity for undivided attention, open communication and bonding. Mealtime conversations are a long lost art in many households.

Make eating together a priority. It can become difficult as life happens, but not impossible. Ball practices, after school activities, dance lessons and many other things wiggle their way into our schedule – do not allow it to be at the expense of your family!

Pack a picnic and take it to the ball field, eating as a family before the game begins or start your day early and have breakfast together. You can make it work in your home. By making it a priority to eat together, you are making time with your family a priority.

You are showing your children they are a priority.

Enjoy your meals together discussing your day, praising the successes and working through the troubles. If we don’t make time to speak to our children about their day, who are they talking to and where are they getting their advice? Meal time is the prime opportunity to receive insight into your child’s day, their life, thoughts and feelings.

Bond with your child over spaghetti, donuts, pizza or ice-cream. Food is a universal language so use it to open the doors of communication.

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