Take Their Photo

My children could spend hours looking at the photographs on my phone. Sometimes I connect to the Apple TV and allow them to scroll across the screen. They will spend an incredible amount of time reminiscing about when the photo was taken and giggling at their silliness caught on camera.

Likewise, they are the first to notice when I change the photographs in the picture frames of our home. In all honesty, we don’t have many photographs out and about because my young children change very quickly and I simply can’t keep up with constantly changing the pictures! The photographs we do have displayed are those of significance that we choose not to change. They remain steadfast as a memento of that special day or time.

Children love to look at photographs of themselves and those they love. They love to feel important enough to have a display on a shelf or wall in your home. Children feel bonded to you and their family when their photographs are prominently displayed in the home. More so, children feel accepted and part of the family unit when they are present in group photos.

This may seem like common sense. You take a family photograph and, of course, all of your children are present in the picture. In the case of foster or adopted children, however, it is important to ensure they are included as well.

When a new child enters your home, take their picture and put them on a shelf. If they’ve been with you for a length of time, include them in your group photographs and display them for visitors to see. Likewise, allow a child to display pictures of them with people they love in their special space (ie: a bedroom). Allowing children to be a visible part of the family unit while simultaneously giving them the freedom to remember the others in their family, you are creating an atmosphere of acceptance and love.

Taking your child’s photograph captures moments too soon forgotten and encourages bonding. Whether foster, adopted or biological, all children are empowered by feeling a part of the family through photograph and picture displays.

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