Compliment Them Often

You will never make someone’s day worse by handing them a compliment. A kind word can change our attitude in an instant and it’s a cheap and easy way to bring light to someone’s darkness. This holds true for strangers, coworkers, our spouse and children. Compliments should fall off our tongue more frequently, building those around us up when the world is trying to tear them down.

Our children are surrounded by ugliness. As much as we don’t want to believe it, there are bullies in their school, inappropriate shows on the television and disparaging videos on the internet. We have to make an effort to combat all that is attacking them from the outside. It’s our responsibility to build them up on the inside, reminding them they are worthy and loved.

Find ways to compliment your child often! Leave notes, send texts or be verbal; there are many options on how you can encourage and uplift. Bond with your child through positive encouragement, growing together in confidence and positive self-image.

Compliment your children with these words of affirmation…

You did an awesome job on that project!

I really like how you used your manners.

Thank you for your spirit of kindness.

You are so important to this family!

I am proud of you for the accomplishment of….

You make me laugh and bring joy to my days.

I love you!

You are so thoughtful!

I can tell that was difficult for you. Great job persevering!

Wow! You handled that situation with such maturity.

You are special!

I am so happy you’re my son/daughter.

It only takes but a few moments to set a compliment in motion yet the ripple effect lasts far longer. Begin bonding with your child early by making compliments a daily happening in your home.

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