Leave Them Love Notes

Yesterday I accomplished the mighty task of cleaning the children’s lunch boxes. We’ve been in school for almost two months and it’s been on my to-do list for several weeks, but I just got around to it yesterday. The squished grape stains and cracker crumbs were making me crazy so I emptied them out and tossed them in the washer.

In the process, I found a napkin note from the first day of school shoved into the little pocket. I don’t put notes in my children’s lunch boxes often enough, but I do always leave a “Happy First Day of School” note. It clearly held value as three of the four have kept it for almost two months. 

There is a child at my preschool who has a knock knock joke in his lunch box every day. Every day he excitedly shouts, “what does it say Ms. Angela?” and he, without fail, has a huge grin on his face.

How long did it take to write that happy first day of school note or knock knock joke? Not long at all, but it left a far longer lasting impression on the children. It’s easy to take a few moments of your day to write your child a love note. By leaving tangible reminders in the form of love notes, you are reminding your child they are important. They are loved.

Reminding our children of our love is an important and never-ending task. Whether tangibly or through actions, we can make several attempts daily. Bond with your child through love notes, spreading joy with your words.

Whether your notes proclaim how special your child is or offer a silly joke, they will elicit a smile and a lasting impression.

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