Surround Them With a Tribe

We were made to be social creatures. We were made to have friends, build relationships, rely on and support one another. As an adult, I thrive when I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with ‘my people’. The people who understand me, recognize my gifts, use and support them and love me through my trials and upsets. ‘My tribe’ is a lifeline on this crazy ride called life.

Children are no different. Have you ever noticed how your child has a new best friend every other day? They are desperately trying to build their tribe, find their people to build relationships with. They may not understand this is what they are doing at their young age, but I believe it all stems back to their innate desire to be in relationship with other people.

We have to help our children with this task. We have to surround them with a ‘tribe’, with people who love them, support and encourage them. As parents, it is our duty to foster positive relationships showing our children their importance and worth.

Sometimes the people we need to welcome into our tribe are professionals. Counselors, teachers and even doctors are imperative members who support us in different ways. Each of these people have a specific job in helping us, and our children, flourish and grow into emotionally stable and healthy individuals.

If we don’t encourage relationships when they are young, our children will be incapable of making them as they age. Bond with your children through the process of building a tribe of meaningful peers, a support system.

Empowering our children now to make wise choices in who they surround themselves with will encourage them to do the same later in life.   

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