Cook Together

In the second grade my oldest son had the assignment of demonstrating a “how to” project. We went back and forth on what he wanted to do and he finally decided to show his class how to make chocolate chip cookies. Don’t get the wrong idea, this was a how to make chocolate chip cookies from a pouch demonstration, not a from scratch demonstration.

Regardless of whether we used a pouch or individual ingredients, my son was thrilled to be cooking with me. He may have been thrilled with the batches and batches of cookies we made while practicing but I like to think it was the act of cooking with me that brought him so much joy.

Cooking with children is such a beneficial experience! Not only does it form bonds through collaboration and the mutual love of food (who doesn’t love food?), it is an extremely educational experience. There is reading involved through recipes and math through measuring. Sequencing skills are used and safety measures are discussed.

Cooking with children is a multifaceted adventure that you would otherwise be doing alone. Invite your children into the kitchen starting with small jobs, slowly increasing as they grow in confidence and ability. Instill self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment as they taste and enjoy their final creations.

Creating something that you can enjoy together is a special experience. By cooking with your children you are teaching them valuable life skills while also encouraging independence, direction following and follow through.

You have multiple opportunities every day to form bonds through chocolate chip cookies, pizza, meatloaf or more!

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