Encourage Them to Tell You Stories

We’ve talked about telling our children stories about their past and about the past of those they love. We’ve talked about open communication and today I suggest you encourage your children to tell you stories.

Whether they be made up or of their day at school, encourage your children to express those stories. Working their imagination or working through emotions as they detail their day will help them become better communicators. Giving our children the floor for speaking their stories instills a sense of identity, allowing them to showcase who they are.

This is especially important in instances of foster and adopted children who come into your home at an older age. Allowing them the opportunity to tell stories opens avenues for you to get to know them on a deeper level. Storytelling promotes bonding as you create a sense of understanding and respect. Knowing where someone came from is a huge benefit in figuring out how to have a positive relationship with them.

Sometimes the stories relayed are of situations you weren’t aware of or aren’t proud of. Keep calm and allow it be a learning experience. When we react calmly, our children will be more likely to come to us again in the future.

When we encourage our children to share the stories of their life, we are encouraging them to own their choices. Own who they are.

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