Read Books that Celebrate Who They Are

I love books! I have tried to instill a love of reading in my children and although they haven’t quite reached my level of love for books, they are getting closer. I have a small problem with buying children’s books though. I just can’t help it! I see a good story with catching illustrations and it must be added to my collection. My bookshelves are no longer neatly organized as there are too many books and not enough space, but it’s a problem I enjoy having!

As an adult, books are an escape for me. I love to read because I like to leave reality and go on adventures in the comfort of my own home. I want my children to know that luxury as well. I want them to love reading, but more, books for children contain many valuable lessons. Books encourage bonding by helping them realize they are not alone in their struggle, thoughts, successes and joy. I want my children to know it’s okay to embrace who they are and to know they are not alone.

Encourage your child in where they are in life by finding books that support their current situation. Is it the first day of school? There’s a book for that. Is there a new baby coming into the family? There’s a book for that. Struggling with body insecurity, lying or bullying? There are books for that! Children relate to books as they see the story play out in bright pictures on the page. They can connect with you as you read it to them and they can connect to the characters in the story.

Children will feel understood and supported when you read books that celebrate who they are. Children will be more apt to embrace and celebrate who they are when they feel connected to others who have experienced similar situations and feelings.

If you are looking for a book on a specific topic, stop by your local library or do a simple google search! The possibilities really are endless and children’s literature is an incredible resource to help us as parents support and encourage our children.


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