Tell Them You Love Them

As we close out this challenge, I’m going to touch on one of the most obvious ways to bond with your child. One of the most obvious ways to remind your child you love them is to actually tell them. Do not expect them to read in between the lines, use your words and say “I love you” to your children.

Over the last twenty-nine days, we have discussed how to bond with your child through many different ways from actions, empathy to treats. Amongst all of those things, we can be reminding our child they are loved by simply saying it.

Say it when they wake up, while you’re sharing a snack, before they go to bed and just because. Say it constantly, boldly and out loud. Tell your child you love them without abandon and often. Make it silly or serious – just make sure they hear it.

Telling your child you love them will always put a smile on their face. It will remind them of just how special they are and that you are thinking of them.

We have established how busy our days are, but they’re never too busy to spread love. They’re never too busy to utter three simple words that could change our child’s day from sad to super. Make telling your child you love them a habit that never gets old!

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