Never Give Up

We’ve spent the last month detailing ways to bond with our children. We’ve discussed strategies to build relationships and remind our children we love them. We’ve taken time every day to find a new way to embrace the relationship we have with our children and enrich it.

Parenting is hard! We can all attest to the fact that every day is a new adventure and you never know what you’re going to get. We can all agree parenting is the most rewarding yet terrifying adventure we’ve ever been on.

Parenting is the one phase of our life that we rush along and then mourn when it’s done.

Through the phases, the chaos, the joy and heartbreak, it’s imperative we build bonds with our children that will last through adulthood and beyond. It’s essential we make bonding a priority, constantly remind our children we love them through it all.

We end this month, this challenge, by remembering to never give up. We must never allow the difficulties to bring us far enough down that we forget to embrace our children, love and bond with them. We must never allow their behavior, their poor choices, to break us to the point of giving up.

One final way to bond with your child is to always be there, available and willing to stand with them through life’s trials. Offering grace, compassion and forgiveness even when they don’t deserve it is the truest testament of love we can hand them.

Our children deserve to know they are not alone, nor ever will be. They deserve to know they are worthy – even in their darkest moments – of our love.

Our Father in Heaven has never given up on us. He stands at our side even when we deny and disobey Him. The least we can do for our children in this life is show the same dedication and love.

Bond with your child every day, in many ways, creating an unbreakable bond of love, trust, forgiveness and respect. Bond with your child every day, in many ways, so that the trials and tribulations of this world don’t have a chance of getting between you. 

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