Every Good and Perfect Gift

It’s hard to believe we have officially entered 2019. Another year has passed in the blink of an eye and I find myself, yet again, sitting on New Year’s day amazed at the year behind me. 

We start 2019 with a new member in our family and a heart ready to love for as long as we’re called. We start 2019 with hope for reunification mixed with sadness at what that means for our home. We start 2019 with unknowns, but carry the known truth that God holds us in his mighty hands. 

2018 treated us well and now that I can reflect on the holidays, I stand in awe at the memories made, the treasure of family time. Christmas in our house is barely controlled chaos, but oh so much fun. With so many children close in age, we have embraced the flying paper and shrieks, but this year was a little different. 

There was still plenty of flying paper and shrieks, but this was the first year we had a non-believer in our midst. 

Several weeks ago my oldest son, newly ten, approached us about the truth regarding Santa Clause. We had a great conversation and discussed the magic of Christmas and how it’s all of our jobs to keep the magic alive. He took his job very seriously, moving the elf each evening and entertaining the younger children’s conversations about Santa, his elves and the North Pole. 

It was endearing. 

The part that touched me the most though was his gratitude on Christmas morning. My oldest son took every opportunity to thank his father and I for the gifts under the tree. He told us at every turn how grateful he was. It was so different from years past and different from my other children. When he knew where his blessings came from, he was more apt to say thank you. 

It was a mind-shift. He suddenly knew the origin of the gifts and more freely expressed gratitude. 

As I reflect on 2018, I keep going back to Christmas morning and my son’s enthusiastic thank yous. I keep thinking about how we should all be more enthusiastic in thanking the giver of all the most perfect gifts. 

We should all be more enthusiastic about thanking God for his blessings. If we know from where the blessings come, and we acknowledge God as the giver of all perfect gifts, why do we not enthusiastically thank him? 

My son on Christmas morning was a stark reminder of what I can focus on in the new year. Enthusiastic gratitude for all that comes my way. 

Enthusiastic gratitude for the good and perfect gifts that come from above. 

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. – James 1:17

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