Foster Care is a Team Sport

Yesterday a friend stopped by and gave me the sweetest gift. With the help of her mother, they made a quilt for all of the future babies that may come through our home. It’s beautiful and perfect, complete with llama backing. 

I love llamas! 

It was such a thoughtful gift and a reminder of how many people are loving on and praying for these sweet babies. 
Foster care can often feel lonely like no one quite understands the burdens and stressors associated with raising someone else’s children. It can feel isolating like no one quite recognizes that trauma is the root of so many unpleasant behaviors. It can feel exhausting like no one is quite as invested in these little lives as you. 
Although it can feel like an individual game, foster care is a team sport and yesterday my friend reminded me my team is bigger than I imagine. 
There are so many people praying for and loving on these little ones. There are people they may never meet who know their name, have heard parts of their story and love them fiercely. There are people near and people far lifting them up, praying for their future, their forever family. 
These children’s foster family extends beyond the walls of this home, blocks, miles, states away to all the people who love them and lift them up daily. 
We are so blessed by friends and family who support us in this journey. We are so blessed by friends and family who embrace these precious babies and shower them with love and prayer for as long as God allows. 

We are so blessed to be on a team willing to be God’s hands and feet to these precious babies.

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