40 Days of Affirmations for Foster and Adoptive Parents

Several years ago, I decided to do Lent a bit differently. Instead of giving something up like I had done all through my childhood, I was going to purposefully work on something specific for 40 days. For instance, one year I worked on 40 Days of Decreasing Mom Guilt and I spent time each day really diving into the areas of my life where I found myself crumbling under the pressures. What I learned that year is the pressure most often comes from myself, not others. When Lent was over, I found I had a new outlook on some areas of my life and I was genuinely a happier person. 

So this year I decided to continue on the tradition and chose to focus on 40 Days of Affirmations for Foster and Adoptive Parents. I narrowed my thoughts to foster and adoptive parents, but many of my affirmations could be embraced by any parent. The reality is we live in a world that constantly brings us down and we need to latch on to the positive truths of our life. 

As Easter nears and my 40 Days of Affirmations for Foster and Adoptive Parents comes to a close, it is my deepest hope that you save this list and read it often. As foster and adoptive parents, we face challenges that are different from families who have only biological children. Our networks look different, our discipline strategies look different and our mind is always in a different place. We need to fill our buckets on a regular basis because we are constantly giving to others. If we don’t take the time to fill ourselves and one another, no one else will do it for us. 

1 You are exactly what these children need right now

2 You are enough

3 Your title does not define you

4 You deserve you time

5 Your house isn’t clean? So what!

6 You’re doing a good job

7 It’s ok to ask for help

8 No one knows your heart, but you

9 Your opinions matter

10 You don’t have to be perfect to be great

11 You are valuable / valued

12 You’re making a difference

13 You are a blessing to your children

14 You are brave

15 Not everyone will like you and that’s ok

16 It’s ok to be vulnerable

17 Your child is perfect just as they are

18 You know what is good for your child

19 It’s ok to say no

20 The time you are investing matters

21 You can be confident

22 You can be supportive

23 You can find joy in every day

24 Your needs matter

25 You are capable

26 Perfection is impossible

27 It’s ok to not love every moment

28 You are appreciated

29 Your best is always enough

30 You do not need to hold on to the guilt

31 One bad day does not make you a bad parent

32 Your boundaries are important

33 It’s ok to struggle

34 Life is good today

35 You can be in calm in the chaos

36 You know your child best

37 You are raising a legacy

38 You are a blessing

39 You are still learning and that’s ok!
40 Embrace the present

I wrote these 40 affirmations as much for myself as I did for those of you reading. We need to remind ourselves often of our worth and what an opportunity we have to remind others as well.

If you’d like to read these affirmations in more detail, hop on over to Instagram and follow me @AngJam731. It is my hope to encourage and uplift on a daily basis. 

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