Are You on the Struggle Bus?

I’m going to take this opportunity to be very vulnerable and transparent.
I am on the struggle bus with my parenting. I’m in a place of feeling unsuccessful daily, questioning my parenting often, and worrying incessantly. 
I’m on the struggle bus.  
I’ve never raised children these ages before and it’s far different from infants. Oh how I’m missing sweet gurgles and wide-mouth smiles when I enter a room. They made me feel like I was doing something right. 
I don’t get that feeling often any more and it’s hard. It’s hard to be on the receiving end of disrespect and attitude while maintaining some semblance of calm. It’s hard to feel like I’m raising decent human beings when they act like banshees. 
In moments like this, days and weeks that seem never ending, Satan likes to dig in and make himself at home. He gets comfortable, feeding lies and perpetuating worries. 
The worst part? I let him. 
I allow him to take residence in my head and I listen to, and embrace, the lies he spews. I freely give him control of my my mind, my mood and my spirit. 
I’m on the struggle bus because I’ve willingly given the wheel to Satan. 
Today, I take it back! Jesus is stronger, bigger and a far better driver. I’m taking that wheel back and giving it to Him. 
It’s a conscious effort I must make to shut out Satan’s incessant chatter, but from this day on, that “road noise” is just that – noise. He no longer gets the privilege of my mind space and certainly not the honor of my mood and spirit. 
Today, I turn my struggle bus back into the chariot it was always meant to be. Jesus has such big plans for my children (and me!) and though this phase may seem never ending and extremely difficult, it is not impossible. 
If you’re on the struggle bus, too, whether it be with parenting, work, family, or life in general, I invite you to hop off today. Join me in embracing the chariot Jesus has offered and leave behind the road noise. 
This day, these moments, hours, weeks, years are not lost on Jesus. You may feel defeated, angry and incapable (and you may be all of those things), but I assure you, Jesus is not. 
He follows your struggle bus, eagerly tailgating, just waiting for you to pull over. He turns with your every turn, speeds with your speed and simply waits for this moment where you say “enough”. 
Today, I’ve had enough of the struggle bus and I give it to you, Jesus. I give it to you. 
Pray with me. 
Dear Heavenly Father, 
Life is hard. Raising children is far harder than I ever imagined and quite honestly I often wonder if there was some mistake in trusting me with them. I know others have similar struggles in work, finances, family and the reality comes back to – life is hard. But it’s not impossible with you, Lord and I ask you to join me. I know you’ve always been there, but sometimes I try to take control and do it myself. Sometimes I let Satan in because I’m simply too darn stubborn. No more, God. No more. I need you. We need you. Please join us in our day today, steering your beautiful chariot on a seamless path of joy and blessings. Father, I lift up to you all who may have woken up and jumped on the struggle bus and I pray they pull over. Life is hard, but we don’t have fo be angry, bitter and defeated. You won all our battles already and we are so grateful. Thank you, God, for following our struggle bus on every turn perusing is, waiting. You are a good, good Father and I thank you it’s not because I’m worthy. It just because it’s you. 

In your most precious name, Amen 

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