If His Grace is Enough, Why Don’t We Embrace It?

If God’s grace is enough, why don’t we embrace it? 

In the last two days, I’ve spent much time speaking to other mothers, listening to them walk down guilt trip alley. I related as I have taken many strolls down the same path. 

They expressed a feeling of guilt for not spending enough time with their children. They felt compelled to play more, but lacked the desire to do so. 

They talked about the housework, the homework and the numerous other tasks that pile up in our days. 

Life feels overwhelming and getting it all done impossible. 

I related with them and I’d guess you probably do, too. 

I’ve spent much time lately grasping the grace extended to me from our great Father. He tells us His grace is enough, but it’s a rarity that I actually embrace it. 

His grace is enough to cover the guilt of enjoying a book in the bath while your husband does the bedtime routine. 

His grace is enough to cover the dishes left on the counter while you snuggle up with the kids, a blanket and a movie. 

His grace is enough to cover the argument with your spouse when your temper gets away from you and the stress of life wins. 

His grace is enough to cover your lost patience when the children don’t listen the first, fifth or fiftieth time. 

His. Grace. Is. Enough. 

I can’t make you believe it, but I encourage you to grab the lifeline He offers and hold on tight.

Today I invite you to embrace God’s grace and let go of the guilt of the world. 

Today I invite you to leave the dishes, leave the laundry, take a bath if you need, but do it all knowing it’s okay to not do it all. God doesn’t ask you to drown in life, but rather use His grace as a float, carrying you through each day. 

One Comment on “If His Grace is Enough, Why Don’t We Embrace It?

  1. I truly needed this. I have been plagued with the mom guilt as of late and have not been able to dust myself off because I have felt defeated. Thank you for posting this. Praise God.


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