40 Days of Affirmations for Our Children -Check In

It is hard to believe we are half way through Lent, but then again with the current state of our world, it almost feels like it’s been years since we started this project. Time is simultaneously flying and crawling. It’s the strangest sensation!

I have tried to maintain the once a day affirmation, but unfortunately we had an unexpected death in our family and the last week has been a whirlwind. If you’ve been missing some, I apologize, but please catch up here!

I find it ironic that I chose this mission and have now been forced to spend day after day inside with my children. God certainly is giving me plenty of time to “practice what I preach”. In all serious though, I pray you have found time in this chaos to remind your children of their worth, their importance and how much they are loved.

Please see the first half of our affirmations below.

1 You are loved

2 You control your happiness

3 I believe in you

4 You are an amazing person

5 You are brave

6 You are helpful

7 You can solve your problems

8 You are unique

9 Your possibilities are endless

10 You can spread positivity

11 I am proud of you

12 You have great ideas

13 You are full of energy

14 You are enough

15 You are forgiving

16 You can work hard

17 You are strong

18 You are capable

19 You make me smile

20 You can be successful

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