40 Days of Affirmations for Our Children – Final List

I pray that you all found joy during this Lenten season even with the chaos of the world around us. I pray you embraced the time with your family, healthy at home, and leaned into God, His word and perfect presence during the time of struggle or anxiety.

I had intentions of posting the affirmations daily and as I was mostly successful, the change in routine and life did cause me to miss a few days. As this topic is near and dear to my heart though, I want to make sure you have the full list to implement in your home.

As parents, especially in such a time as this, filled with turmoil, change and unknown, we have to make the conscious decision to lift up our children on a regular basis. We have to encourage them through their doubts, embrace them through their sadness and remind them of their potential.

Parents, join me as we extend this mission past Lent and make these affirmations a regular part of our every day.

1 You are loved

2 You control your happiness

3 I believe in you

4 You are an amazing person

5 You are brave

6 You are helpful

7 You can solve your problems

8 You are unique

9 Your possibilities are endless

10 You can spread positivity

11 I am proud of you

12 You have great ideas

13 You are full of energy

14 You are enough

15 You are forgiving

16 You can work hard

17 You are strong

18 You are capable

19 You make me smile

20 You can be successful

21 You are worthy

22 You are healthy

23 You are not perfect and that is okay

24 You are a leader

25 You can achieve your dreams

26 You are perfectly and wonderfully made

27 You matter

28 You can be successful

29 You can change the world

30 You are smart

31 You are important

32 You are thoughtful

33 You are curious

34 You are helpful

35 You are a good friend

36 You are talented

37 You spread joy

38 You have friends

39 You are a good listener

40 You are generous

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