If His Grace is Enough, Why Don't We Embrace It?

If God’s grace is enough, why don’t we embrace it?  In the last two days, I’ve spent much time speaking to other mothers, listening to them walk down guilt trip alley. I related as I have taken many strolls down the same path.  They expressed a feeling of guilt for not spending enough time with … Continue reading If His Grace is Enough, Why Don't We Embrace It?

The Letter

I sit here fighting tears as I attempt to write “the letter”. I’ve written this letter before, in different circumstances, and it never gets easier.  Somehow I’m supposed to fit everything about the last seven months into this letter to deliver to the next mommy and daddy.  I pray I’ve captured everything I wanted, needed, … Continue reading The Letter

Are You on the Struggle Bus?

I’m going to take this opportunity to be very vulnerable and transparent. I am on the struggle bus with my parenting. I’m in a place of feeling unsuccessful daily, questioning my parenting often, and worrying incessantly. I’m on the struggle bus.  I’ve never raised children these ages before and it’s far different from infants. Oh how … Continue reading Are You on the Struggle Bus?