Practicing Acceptance

Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

Romans 15:7

Judgement is everywhere. We judge mothers, fathers, teachers, police officers – no one is immune. When you enter into the world of foster care and adoption, there are ample opportunities to judge. You can judge the biological mother for her lack of prenatal care or the biological father for his inability to make it to visits. You can judge other family members for not stepping up or your case worker and the system as a whole for seemingly not making the right choices.

When I built a relationships with two of my childrens’ biological mother, my family was baffled. Why would I entertain someone who could not properly care for their children? Why would I be forgiving? Encouraging?

Because Christ is, that’s why. We are expected to accept one another, just as Christ accepted us. So when that biological mother wanted me to teach her how to read a recordable book for her children, I did it. Not because I approved of her choices, but because I am a child of God and I have been instructed to accept her.

In the time of learning that book, we talked about God and I had the beautiful opportunity to introduce her to his unyielding love. I had the unforgettable experience of watching her accept Jesus Christ as her savior. Why? Because I accepted her just as Christ accepted me.

Romans 15:7 continues to tell us that when we accept others like He has accepted us, we are able to bring praise to God. Had I not been obedient to this, I would have never had the opportunity to bring her to Christ and to bring Him praise.

The devil capitalizes on our judgements and uses them to keep people from God’s kingdom. He whispers condemnation into our ears and sits joyfully waiting as it takes root, tarnishing our soul.

Today, when you sway toward judgement, or hear it around you, wrap yourself in the love and armor of Christ, accepting others just as he accepted you. In doing so, show others God’s light and bring him praise.

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