Watch Your Step

The New Year brought us ridiculously cold temperatures. Not the temperatures where your cheeks get a little rosy and you come inside looking flushed and joyful, but the kind of cold where your snot freezes in your nostrils and you come inside looking like you just arrived from a trek in Antarctica. Baby, it’s cold outside is an understatement.
With the frigid air comes frozen ground. Ice. I’m literally terrified with every step, fearing I will find myself, not so gracefully, thudding on the cold earth. I am constantly reminding myself to watch my step.
In such a moment, I realized the cold temperatures and ice unearthed a profound motto – watch your step.
In 2018, I’m going to watch my step in more than my walks outside.
I’ll watch my step when talking. I’ll think before speaking and tread uncomfortable conversations with the help of love and grace. I’ll hold my tongue when angry and allow God to work on my heart before I allow my mouth to move.
I’ll watch my step before judging and choose a different approach. I’ll exhibit kindness to all people, especially those who don’t exhibit it to me.
I’ll watch my step as I raise my children and teach with love and logic instead of a raised voice. I’ll be compassionate and forgiving and remember they’re only trying to figure out this world. After all, we all know how difficult that task is even as adults.
I’ll watch my step in my marriage. I’ll praise more often and acknowledge the hard work my husband does. I’ll let go of the need to control and more fully appreciate his efforts.
I’ve yet to ungracefully thud to the earth outside (knock on wood!), but I sadly fall more than once a day in other aspects of my life. In 2018, I am making the conscious decision to watch my step more than while outside.
How will you watch your step in this new year?

One Comment on “Watch Your Step

  1. Your plan is a great way to step up to the plate in 2018! I will watch my step this year by being more purposeful in the steps I take. This plan is similar to the old “engage brain before opening mouth.” I want to think about where I intend to go before I take a step.


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