Try New Things Together

I want my children to have a spirit of adventure, a desire to try new things. I want to show them that it’s ok to be afraid, but we can persevere and do it any way!

This past Labor Day we went to family camp at our local YMCA. Aside from being tortuously hot, it presented many opportunities to try new things together. We were camping for the first time and yes, we were in a cabin, but it was far from the cabins we were used to. My family is a camp in a cabin with beds, air conditioning and television; the YMCA cabin had only beds…

It was an adventure and we were able to try so many awesome activities from zip lining to horse back riding to gaga ball and archery. The moments that stick out the most though were when we did something new together, faced fears together. For example, there was a rope bridge called the Burma Bridge. It was tricky and looked scary, but the children completed it by cheering one another on. My daughter did say “I may pee my pants!” at one point, but she completed the bridge while staying dry!

Fear can disable us if we let it. We must be a constant example and reminder to our children that their fear does not control them. By doing new things with your children, you are bonding with them through memory making and a sense of accomplishment.

All new things do not have to be scary or a big production, either. Regardless of how extreme they may be, experiencing these things together joins you and your child in an unbreakable bond, a memory.

When you do new things together, you are decreasing the trepidation that comes with trying new things. It can be scary to do something you’ve never done before, but it is significantly less scary when you’re doing it with someone you love.

Bond with your child today by facing a fear or new challenge. Tackle a new activity with joy and make memories that will encourage your child in facing a new challenge in the future.

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