It is Enough. You are Enough.

It is enough. You are enough. 
I haven’t written in a while and for that I apologize. You see, when COVID19 began, I suddenly found myself with unscheduled time. You would think this unscheduled time would allow me to be extra productive, deep cleaning the house, reading through my to be read list and writing. The reality though is it just hasn’t. 
Adjusting to life at home – only at home – with the kids nonstop, working and schooling simultaneously has been difficult. Balancing responsibilities while maintaining some level of normalcy for the family has left me feeling defeated most days. 
COVID19 took our summer vacations. It took our birthday parties and our summer adventures. It forced us, and continues to do so, to change nearly everything we knew and it is hard. 
It is hard. 
My emotions tend to be all over the place nowadays and I can only contribute it to the changes and added stress of life. More often than not I feel like I piddle the day away with the kids, rarely knocking out the to do list or getting anything major accomplished. 
I feel defeated. I never imagined a worldwide pandemic so had no expectations, but if I had imagined it, this wasn’t it. None of us know what we’re doing. We are all trying to do our best in these unexpected parameters and let me tell you a secret  – no matter what that looks like for you, it is enough. You are enough.
You are enough. 
So you didn’t get the house clean today, the kids didn’t change out of their pajamas and you had cereal for dinner. (This is a true story 🤣) It’s ok! You did enough. You are enough. 
So you didn’t read a novel, write that book, organize a closet or redo the landscaping. It’s ok! You did enough. You are enough. 
This pandemic is hard and it’s wreaking havoc on our emotions. Satan is using that as a fabulous playground and we’ve got to shut it down, put the barricades up and practice social distancing. Stay six feet (or more!) away from Satan and remind yourself it’s ok! You did enough. You are enough. 
All of our days will look different and each will have their own set of obstacles, but God wants us to look to him and listen. To know we are enough.
 Stop. Breathe. Pray. Embrace. 
Embrace the changes. Embrace the quiet. Embrace the time with children, with family. Embrace where you are and know it is enough. You are enough. 

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